O1805-01 / Replace Rooftop Units-North County Service Center

The project includes base bid work is the removal and replacement of two existing packaged rooftop units with direct expansion (DX) cooling and gas-fired heating with new in kind packaged rooftop units. Replace the control actuators and thermostats for all existing-to-remain variable air volume (VAV) and fan terminal unit (FTU) HVAV boxes in the building. Replace the existing KMC thermostatic control/automation system with new BACnet compatible building automation system. The Alternate #1 work includes removal and replacement of two existing IT Room split-system indoor ducted fan-coil units and rooftop AC condensing units. The contractor must provide temporary/supplemental cooling of the It Room (during construction cooling outage) to prevent NCSS building State Agency’s server equipment from overheating.
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Name Date Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 10/21/2020 15.8 MB
01-G-001_Cover Sheet 10/21/2020 496.7 KB
02-M-001_Symbols and Abbreviations 10/21/2020 2.0 MB
03-M-101_First Floor Demo Plan 10/21/2020 1.1 MB
04-M-102_Second Floor Demo Plan 10/21/2020 1.0 MB
05-M-103_Roof Level Demo Plan 10/21/2020 824.6 KB
06-M-104_First Floor New Work Plan 10/21/2020 1.1 MB
07-M-105_Second Floor New Work Plan 10/21/2020 942.2 KB
08-M-106_Roof Level New Work Plan 10/21/2020 605.2 KB
09-M-401_Sequence of Operations 10/21/2020 2.3 MB
10-M-501_Details 10/21/2020 774.6 KB
11-M-601_Schedules 10/21/2020 1.0 MB
12-E-101_First Floor Demo Plan 10/21/2020 746.5 KB
13-E-102_Second Floor Demo Plan 10/21/2020 554.3 KB
14-E-103_Roof Level Demo Plan 10/21/2020 523.3 KB
15-E-104_First Floor New Work Plan 10/21/2020 804.9 KB
16-E-105_Second Floor New Work Plan 10/21/2020 614.7 KB
17-E-106_Roof Level New Work Plan 10/21/2020 621.6 KB