T1921-01 Renovate Paint & Blast Booths and Install Solar Array-Ike Skelton Training Site

The project includes a building expansion at the welding shop to accommodate the relocation of the machine shop. The former machine shop area will be converted to a mens and womens locker room. Both paint and blast booths will be fully replaced, which includes foundation demolition and reconstruction, mechanical upgrades, electrical modifications, and the procurement and erection of the booths. Within the new locker room area, the design requires the procurement and installation of an air shower, two separate mens and womens restrooms, shower rooms, laundry, and locker areas. Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment are included in this project, which includes lockers, benches, and various other equipment. Scope includes installation of exhaust fans, makeup air units, and fan-coil units. The new restroom rooms/locker rooms/machine shop addition will require expansion/modification of sprinkler heads, fed from the existing wet sprinkler system. The awarded contractor will be required to hire a fire suppression contractor licensed to design wet sprinkler systems in order to design and submit shop drawings for the additional sprinkler heads required on this project. Modifications and installation of the sprinkler system is included under the scope of this project.


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date6/9/20 10:00am

Bid Date6/25/20 1:30pm

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The State of Missouri Office of Administration

Alan Berendzen   (573) 638-9675


Jefferson City, MO

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