T1921-01 Renovate Paint & Blast Booths and Install Solar Array-Ike Skelton Training Site

The project includes a building expansion at the welding shop to accommodate the relocation of the machine shop. The former machine shop area will be converted to a mens and womens locker room. Both paint and blast booths will be fully replaced, which includes foundation demolition and reconstruction, mechanical upgrades, electrical modifications, and the procurement and erection of the booths. Within the new locker room area, the design requires the procurement and installation of an air shower, two separate mens and womens restrooms, shower rooms, laundry, and locker areas. Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment are included in this project, which includes lockers, benches, and various other equipment. Scope includes installation of exhaust fans, makeup air units, and fan-coil units. The new restroom rooms/locker rooms/machine shop addition will require expansion/modification of sprinkler heads, fed from the existing wet sprinkler system. The awarded contractor will be required to hire a fire suppression contractor licensed to design wet sprinkler systems in order to design and submit shop drawings for the additional sprinkler heads required on this project. Modifications and installation of the sprinkler system is included under the scope of this project.
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Name Date Size
01-G-001_Cover Sheet 5/27/2020 318.4 KB
02-V-101_Survey for Reference Only 5/27/2020 622.5 KB
03-V-102_Survey for Reference Only 5/27/2020 581.8 KB
04-S-001_Structural General Notes 5/27/2020 1.0 MB
05-S-101_Foundation Plan 5/27/2020 1.2 MB
06-S-102_Roof Framing Plan 5/27/2020 1.2 MB
07-S-501_Details 5/27/2020 1.2 MB
08-S-502_Details 5/27/2020 1.2 MB
09-S-503_Details 5/27/2020 1.1 MB
10-A-001_Architectural Site Plan 5/27/2020 915.6 KB
11-A-002_Code Data, Egress Floor Plan, Notes and Legends 5/27/2020 921.5 KB
12-A-101_Demo Floor Plan 5/27/2020 919.7 KB
13-A-102_Floor Plan 5/27/2020 1.0 MB
14-A-103_Roof Plan and Details 5/27/2020 947.1 KB
15-A-201_Building Elevations 5/27/2020 924.6 KB
16-A-301_Building Sections and Details 5/27/2020 1.0 MB
17-A-401_Enlarged Locker Rooms Plans and Elevations 5/27/2020 1.0 MB
18-A-501_Wall Sections and Details 5/27/2020 967.4 KB
19-A-502_Partition Types and Details 5/27/2020 859.4 KB
20-A-601_Room Finish and Door Schedules, Notes and Details 5/27/2020 1.1 MB
21-P-101 Plumbing Demo Floor Plan 5/27/2020 780.9 KB
22-P-102_Plumbing Floor Plan 5/27/2020 872.4 KB
23-P-401_Enlarged Plumbing Plans 5/27/2020 915.5 KB
24-P-402_Enlarged Plumbing Plans 5/27/2020 781.8 KB
25-P-403_Enlarged Plumbing Plans 5/27/2020 791.5 KB
26-P-404_Enlarged Plumbing Plans 5/27/2020 766.0 KB
27-P-601_Plumbing Details 5/27/2020 840.3 KB
28-P-602_Plumbing Details 5/27/2020 678.1 KB
29-M-101_Mech Demo Floor Plan 5/27/2020 766.3 KB
30-M-102_Mech Roof Plan 5/27/2020 797.5 KB
31-M-103_Mech Floor Plan 5/27/2020 959.3 KB
32-M-401_Enlarged Mech Plans 5/27/2020 878.6 KB
33-M-402_Enlarged Mech Plans 5/27/2020 954.1 KB
34-M-403_Enlarged Mech Plans 5/27/2020 842.2 KB
35-M-404_Enlarged Mech Plans 5/27/2020 933.7 KB
36-M-601_Mech Schedules 5/27/2020 677.3 KB
37-M-602_Mech Details 5/27/2020 720.4 KB
38-M-603_Mech Sequence of Operations 5/27/2020 674.3 KB
39-E-001_Electrical Symbols and Legend 5/27/2020 592.9 KB
40-E-002_Solar Details and Schedule 5/27/2020 735.7 KB
41-E-003_Solar Site Plan 5/27/2020 773.7 KB
42-E-101_Demo Plan 5/27/2020 693.3 KB
43-E-102_Power Floor Plan 5/27/2020 2.3 MB
44-E-103_Lighting Plan 5/27/2020 843.4 KB
45-E-601_Schedule and One Line Diagram 5/27/2020 919.6 KB
46-E-602_Additional Schedules 5/27/2020 719.3 KB