T2306-01 Renovation to Exterior/Interior RC Building - Warrensburg Readiness Center

The project includes the renovation of two new sets of restrooms, a new kitchen design, a new floor to cover the existing stairsto the basement level, renovation to the existing supply office, and renovation to the workout space. Alternates include renovating the supply office, demolishing the west offices (3) and renovating the space to create a fitness room, replacing all interior doors and flooring in carpeted office spaces with LVT, resealing the drill hall, replacing existing blinds with aluminum commercial grade blinds, and replacing the caging adjacent to the supply office.
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Name Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 17.0 MB
01-G-000_Cover Sheet 1.0 MB
02-G-001_General Notes, Symbols and Abbrevs, and Sheet Index 248.8 KB
03-G-002_ADA Details 231.8 KB
04-G-003_ADA Details 232.7 KB
05-G-004_Code Compliance Plan 360.9 KB
06-C-101_Site Utility Plan 294.5 KB
07-C-102_Site Utility Details 5.0 MB
08-A-000_Wall Type Schedule and Details 292.4 KB
09-A-100_Base Bid Demo Plans 268.9 KB
10-A-100A_Alternates Demo Plan 260.2 KB
11-A-101_Base Bid Floor Plans 313.8 KB
12-A-101A_Alternates Floor Plan 275.7 KB
13-A-102_First Floor Demo Reflected Ceiling Plan 285.6 KB
14-A-103_First Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan 319.5 KB
15-A-104_Enlarged Restroom Plans, Elevations, Schedule and Details 411.3 KB
16-A-300_Exterior Elevations 603.7 KB
17-A-500_Door Schedule, Door Types and Frame Details 240.9 KB
18-F-100_First Floor Finishes Plan, Finish Schedule, Legend and Details 413.5 KB
19-F-101_First Floor Finishes Plan Alternates 456.1 KB
20-FS-100_Foodservice Equipment Plan and Schedule 327.2 KB
21-FS-101_Foodservice Elevations and Details 294.4 KB
22-M-000_Mechanical Abbrevs, Symbols and Notes 206.1 KB
23-M-001_First Floor HVAC Demo Plan 220.4 KB
24-M-101_First Floor HVAC Plan 380.6 KB
25-M-201_Details 229.3 KB
26-M-202_Details 192.3 KB
27-M-301_Controls 217.8 KB
28-M-401_Schedules 184.2 KB
29-M-402_Schedules 195.1 KB
30-P-001_Below Floor Plumbing Demo Plan 220.3 KB
31-P-002_First Floor Plumbing Demo Plan 225.9 KB
32-P-101_Below Floor Plumbing Plan 384.0 KB
33-P-102_First Floor Plumbing Plan 376.3 KB
34-P-201_Details 182.1 KB
35-P-301_Schematics 175.3 KB
36-P-302_Risers 1.2 MB
37-P-401_Schedules 191.1 KB
38-P-402_Schedules 171.7 KB
39-PM-101_Mechanical Roof Plans 171.1 KB
40-E-000_Electrical Abbrevs, Symbols Legend and General Notes 177.4 KB
41-E-010_First Floor Electrical Plans 198.9 KB
42-E-100_First Floor Electrical Orientation Plan 295.6 KB
43-E-100A_First Floor Electrical Orientation Plan Notes 134.9 KB
44-E-111_First Floor Lighting Plans 388.8 KB
45-E-211_First Floor Power and Auxiliary Systems Plan - Base Bid Kitchen 366.6 KB
46-E-212_First Floor Power and Auxiliary Systems Plans 206.9 KB
47-E-301_First Floor Fire Alarm Plan - Base Bid 297.5 KB
48-E-401_One Line Diagram - Demo 210.0 KB
49-E-402_One Line Diagram - New 225.8 KB
50-E-501_Schedules 145.0 KB
51-E-502_Schedules 139.1 KB
52-E-601_Details 239.9 KB
53-E-602_Details 202.9 KB