M1904-01 Repair Paving, Infrastructure - Bellefontaine Habilitation Center

The project includes five (5) parking lots, access road improvements encompassing apartments 1600 and 1800/1900 series, driveway and sidewalk modifications, interior walking trail in apartments 1600 and 1800/1900 series along with rear sidewalk replacement and improvements to Quiet Land, Quiet Drive, and Village Park Lane. Alternates have been included as part of the stone wall rehabilitation along Bellefontaine Road.
Specifications (click to expand/collapse)
Name Size
01-Full Spec 6.6 MB
02-Division 00 2.7 MB
03-Division 01 1.4 MB
04-Division 03 185.8 KB
05-Division 04 195.5 KB
06-Division 31 295.4 KB
07-Division 32 1.6 MB
08-Appendices 1.1 MB