X2226-01 Paved Bike/Pedestrian Trail, Trail Network-Knob Noster State Park

The project includes constructing upgrades to a portion of the existing McAdoo pedestrian/equestrian trail from Highway DD approximately 1-3/4 miles eastward. The work also consists of constructing new trail from the point where work ends on the McAdoo trail north and eastward to NE 751st Road and eventually ending along SE 10 Road within Knob Noster State Park.
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Name Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 60.8 MB
01-G001_Cover Sheet 373.9 KB
02-G002_General Notes 584.4 KB
03-C001_Typical Sections 786.2 KB
04-C002_Control Points 2.0 MB
05-C500_Details 783.5 KB
06-C501_Details 787.3 KB
07-C502_Details 563.9 KB
08-C503_Ditch Details 572.2 KB
09-C100_Sheet Overview 3.3 MB
10-C101_Alignment Tables 660.0 KB
11-C102_Alignment Tables 546.9 KB
12-C103_Alignment Tables 644.1 KB
13-C104_Plan Profile Sheet 937.6 KB
14-C105_Plan Profile Sheet 1.1 MB
15-C106_Plan Profile Sheet 1.1 MB
16-C107_Plan Profile Sheet 1.1 MB
17-C108_Plan Profile Sheet 840.6 KB
18-C109_Plan Profile Sheet 901.8 KB
19-C110_Plan Profile Sheet 751.1 KB
20-C111_Plan Profile Sheet 535.1 KB
21-C112_Plan Profile Sheet 518.4 KB
22-C113_Plan Profile Sheet 637.8 KB
23-C114_Plan Profile Sheet 1.0 MB
24-C115_Plan Profile Sheet 1.0 MB
25-C116_Plan Profile Sheet 769.1 KB
26-C117_Plan Profile Sheet 859.2 KB
27-C118_Spur Plan and Profiles 792.8 KB
28-C119_Spur Plan and Profiles 880.1 KB
29-C120_Pipe Profiles 604.7 KB
30-C121_Pipe Profiles 605.9 KB
31-C122_Pipe Profiles 595.4 KB
32-C123_Bridge Elevation and Plan 722.0 KB
33-C124_Bridge Elevation and Plan 1.0 MB
34-C125_Culvert Plan Trib to McAdoo 919.9 KB
35-C126_Culvert Barbill Trib to McAdoo 839.2 KB
36-C127_Culvert Plan Trib to Clear Fork Creek 814.8 KB
37-C128_Culvert Barbill Trib to Clear Fork Creek 880.1 KB
38-C129_Culvert Fence Details 809.5 KB
39-C130_Tree Clearing Plan 758.0 KB
40-C131_Tree Clearing Plan 918.8 KB
41-C132_Tree Clearing Plan 1.0 MB
42-C133_Tree Clearing Plan 871.1 KB
43-C134_Tree Clearing Plan 743.4 KB
44-C135_Tree Clearing Plan 851.8 KB
45-C136_Tree Clearing Plan 739.1 KB
46-C137_Tree Clearing Plan 630.2 KB
47-C138_Tree Clearing Plan 621.7 KB
48-C139_Tree Clearing Plan 740.9 KB
49-C140_Tree Clearing Plan 972.0 KB
50-C141_Tree Clearing Plan 964.1 KB
51-C142_Tree Clearing Plan 725.1 KB
52-C800_Erosion Control 1.0 MB
53-C801_Erosion Control 2.3 MB
54-C802_Erosion Control 1.6 MB
55-C803_Erosion Control 1.0 MB
56-C804_Erosion Control 625.2 KB
57-C805_Erosion Control 965.2 KB
58-C806_Erosion Control 937.1 KB
59-C807_Signing Plan 3.5 MB
60-C808_Pavement Marking 9.6 MB
61-C809_Traffic Control 735.8 KB
62-C810_Traffic Control 3.0 MB
63-C811_Hydraulic Data Sheet 3.4 MB
64-C812_Hydraulic Data Sheet 643.8 KB
65-C813_Boring Location 2.7 MB
66-C814_Cross Sections 609.6 KB
67-C815_Cross Sections 621.4 KB
68-C816_Cross Sections 621.3 KB
69-C817_Cross Sections 627.6 KB
70-C818_Cross Sections 631.1 KB
71-C819_Cross Sections 622.7 KB
72-C820_Cross Sections 631.8 KB
73-C821_Cross Sections 639.6 KB
74-C822_Cross Sections 633.2 KB
75-C823_Cross Sections 632.8 KB
76-C824_Cross Sections 631.7 KB
77-C825_Cross Sections 634.2 KB
78-C826_Cross Sections 619.8 KB
79-C827_Cross Sections 620.3 KB
80-C828_Cross Sections 627.1 KB
81-C829_Cross Sections 620.0 KB
82-C830_Cross Sections 523.5 KB
83-C831_Cross Sections 527.5 KB
84-C832_Cross Sections 600.4 KB
85-C833_Cross Sections 613.1 KB
86-C834_Cross Sections 610.8 KB
87-C835_Cross Sections 583.0 KB
88-C836_Cross Sections 617.8 KB
89-C837_Cross Sections 612.1 KB
90-C838_Cross Sections 614.2 KB
91-C839_Cross Sections 609.6 KB
92-C840_Cross Sections 611.2 KB
93-C841_Cross Sections 611.9 KB
94-C842_Cross Sections 614.7 KB
95-C843_Cross Sections 609.5 KB