C2008-01 Replace Freezers-Central Services Building-Tipton Correctional Center

Replacement of two freezers, their under-floor slabs, the HVAC equipment providing refrigeration to the freezers, floor tile removal & replacement, and installation of a new underfloor heating system below the freezers.


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date8/21/23 10:00am

Bid Date9/12/23 1:30pm

Company & Contacts

The State of Missouri Office of Administration

Scott Zeller   scott.zeller@oa.mo.gov


Tipton, MO

Documents can be ordered online or by contacting ADS at 1400 Forum Blvd, Suite 7A, Columbia, MO 65203, Ph: (573) 446-7768, Email: orders@adsmo.net.  A hard copy set of documents is available for a refundable deposit of $30, CHECK ONLY, payable to ADS and a copy can be emailed to us before you mail them.  A download is available for a purchase (non-refundable) of $30 that can be paid via credit card (you will see this option only when logged in).