O2301-03 New FMDC Grounds & Maintenance Building-FMDC Maintenance Facility

The project consists of 8,500 square feet of enclosed office/maintenance areas. 2,085 is fully conditioned office/locker rooms/breakroom and the remainder is heated/exhausted space for maintenance vehicles/service. In addition to the 8,500 sq. ft., an additional 2,630 sq. ft. of covered storage area is provided. The construction is concrete masonry units (load bearing) with wood roof trusses. The roofing material will be architectural asphalt shingles on plywood deck, single slope, draining to daylight on the north side of the building. The existing storm sewer will be repaired, and new exterior material storage bins added with concrete base and low walls, to the south of the building.


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date5/31/23 10:30am

Bid Date6/15/23 1:30pm

Company & Contacts

The State of Missouri Office of Administration
Paul Vassos  


Jefferson City, MO

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