T2208-01 Renovate Interior & Exterior-Moberly Readiness Center

The exterior renovation will include the removal & replacement of all roofing, soffit, fascia, downspouts, & gutters; replacement of windows; minor brick repair & replacement; and the removal & replacement of the paint on the metal wall panels on the upper portion & East face of the Assembly Hall. Interior renovation will consist of complete gutting & remodel of the bathrooms & kitchen, painting all walls, removal & replacement of some flooring and some ceilings. Electrical system upgrades include all new electrical distribution & branch panels, new manual transfer switch, all new LED lighting, new receptacles/devices, new exterior parking lighting. Mechanical system upgrades include all new HVAC equipment & removal of un-operational equipment. Plumbing system upgrades include new hot water heaters & distribution piping to new restrooms & renovated kitchen area, and a new grease interceptor for food preparation. The drives, parking, sidewalks, street entrances, & some fencing will also be replaced and a storm drain system installed to direct water from the roof to the storm drain. The project has two alternates, removal of existing boiler and installation of a new generator.
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