O2010-01 Modify HVAC System-Missouri Supreme Court Building

Installation of hydronic piping, duct heaters, and dedicated outdoor air unit; building automation system modifications; abatement; and historical finish repairs.
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Name Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 7.4 MB
01-G001_Cover Sheet 745.8 KB
02-G002_General Notes & Sheet Index 1.5 MB
03-G100_Lower Level Work Area Plan 1.3 MB
04-G110_Main Level Work Area Plan 1.3 MB
05-G120_Second Level Work Area Plan 1.3 MB
06-G130_Third Level Work Area Plan 1.3 MB
07-AD101_Lower Level Demolition RCP 948.9 KB
08-AD111_Main Level Demolition RCP 894.4 KB
09-AD121_Second Level Demolition RCP 905.5 KB
10-AD131_Third Level Demolition RCP 902.1 KB
11-ASB101_Lower Level Asbestos Abatement 1.3 MB
12-ASB102_Third Level Asbestos Abatement 1.9 MB
13-A102_Lower Level RCP 907.8 KB
14-A110_Main Level Floor Plan 922.7 KB
15-A112_Main Level RCP 875.7 KB
16-A122_Second Level RCP 928.7 KB
17-A132_Third Level RCP 885.8 KB
18-S001_Structural Notes 784.4 KB
19-S201_Framing Plan 777.7 KB
20-S301_Framing Elevations & Details 810.2 KB
21-MEP001_MEP General Notes & Symbols 783.3 KB
22-MD101_Mechanical Demolition Plan 879.2 KB
23-M101_Lower Level HVAC Plan 860.8 KB
24-M102_Main Level HVAC Plan 829.8 KB
25-M103_Second Level HVAC Plan 877.5 KB
26-M104_Third Level HVAC Plan 903.3 KB
27-M105_Mezzanine Level HVAC Plan 817.4 KB
28-M501_Mechanical Details 801.0 KB
29-M502_Mechanical Details 768.5 KB
30-M601_Mechanical Schedules 762.7 KB
31-M701_Heating System Flow Diagram 847.5 KB
32-M702_Chilled Water System Flow Diagram 846.1 KB
33-M801_Temperature Control Details 803.0 KB
34-M802_Temperature Control Details 781.8 KB
35-E101_Lower Level Power Plan 810.4 KB
36-E102_Main Level Power Plan 825.1 KB
37-E103_Second Level Power Plan 855.1 KB
38-E104_Third Level Power Plan 895.0 KB
39-E105_Mezzanine Level Power Plan 763.4 KB
40-E501_Electrical Details 768.1 KB