E2107-01 Repair Swimming Pool Missouri School for the Blind

The project includes improvements in the pool room and adjacent mechanical room. Remove and replace entire existing concrete pool deck around perimeter of pool and add depth markings and warning signs. Demolish top of pool wall and gutter and install new coping stone around perimeter of pool. Add three in-wall skimmers and piping back to filtration pump. Replace deck drain system. Remove the existing diving stand support. Remove and salvage two existing pool ladders and install new ladders. Install new padding at pool end walls. Remove main drain and pool slab as needed to install new main drain and associated piping to mechanical room. Anchor existing chair lift to pool deck. Improvements to the mechanical room include removing all mechanical equipment and exposed piping. Remove and replace existing sump pit and grating. Install new recirculation pump, filter heater and piping. Install WLC and UV system for pool. Install new pool chemical treatment system and eyewash station.


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date11/1/22 11:00am

Bid Date11/17/22 1:30pm

Company & Contacts

The State of Missouri Office of Administration
Sandra Walther  


St. Louis, MO

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