T2237-01 Expand Parking-Dexter Readiness Center

The project consists of constructing a 6 inch thick reinforced concrete parking area, grading, exterior lighting, pavement markings, and an alternate for double seal coat of existing parking area & new pavement markings.
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Name Date Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 8/22/2022 5.2 MB
01-G-001_Cover Sheet 8/22/2022 300.6 KB
02-C-101_Site Plan 8/22/2022 2.1 MB
03-C-102_POV Parking Plan 8/22/2022 349.6 KB
04-C-103_POV Stakeout 8/22/2022 875.9 KB
05-C-104_Alternate 1 8/22/2022 1.4 MB
06-E1_Lighting Plan 8/22/2022 483.4 KB