O1912-01 Roof Replacement-Kansas City DOLIR Building

The project includes the removal and replacement of single ply roof membrane,formed metal roof panels, coping, metal scuppers, conductors heads and downspouts.
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Name Date Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 12/2/2021 9.9 MB
01-G-100_Cover Sheet 12/2/2021 3.7 MB
02-D-100_Roof Demolition Plan 12/2/2021 1.2 MB
03-A-100_Roof Plan A 12/2/2021 1.2 MB
04-A-101_Roof Plan B 12/2/2021 1.2 MB
05-A-102_Roof Plan C 12/2/2021 1.3 MB
06-A-500_Details 12/2/2021 2.3 MB