Old-R2109-01 Replace & Install Generators-MSHP General Headquarters

The project includes providing full backup power to the MSHP General Headquarters Waggoner Building and the Academy Administration Building. Due to the distance separation between the Waggoner Building and the Academy Administration Building a separate generator for each area has been selected. The Waggoner Building will receive a 400kW generator with medium voltage transfer switch. The new generator is pad mounted on the west lawn of the Waggoner Building. Removal of the existing 600A transfer switch and 115kW gas generator inside the Waggoner Building, plus associated architectural work are also part of the scope. The Academy Administration Building will receive a 300kW, 480v generator with a transfer switch for the Academy Administration Building. This generator is pad mounted and located on the south lawn the Academy Administration Building, just west of the dormitory building.
Specifications (click to expand/collapse)
Name Date Size
01-Full Spec 9/21/2021 6.0 MB
02-Division 00 9/21/2021 3.2 MB
03-Division 01 9/21/2021 333.4 KB
04-Division 02 9/21/2021 496.7 KB
05-Division 03 9/21/2021 297.5 KB
06-Division 04 9/21/2021 118.2 KB
07-Division 07 9/21/2021 137.9 KB
08-Division 09 9/21/2021 97.0 KB
09-Division 26 9/21/2021 548.1 KB
10-Division 31 9/21/2021 103.9 KB
11-Division 32 9/21/2021 89.7 KB
12-Appendix 9/21/2021 1.6 MB