T2105-01 FMS Building Addition-St. Joseph Readiness Center

The Work consists of a new building addition or approximately 2,600 sq. ft. to the south side of the existing facility. The Work includes new CMU bearing walls with face brick, new steel framing, new standing seam metal roof, new exterior metal wall paneling, new bridge crane, new heating and ventilation, new vehicle exhaust system, site work and grading, new lighting, new wash bay, new fire detection and mass notification system, new translucent fiberglass sandwich panels, and new solar panels.
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Name Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 20.4 MB
01-G001_Cover Sheet 87.4 KB
02-G002_General Information 294.0 KB
03-G003_Code Foortprint Code Review 235.5 KB
04-G004_Site Survey 1.0 MB
05-C001_General Notes 395.4 KB
06-C010_General Layout Plan 313.0 KB
07-C020_Demolition Plan 321.9 KB
08-C030_Erosion Control Plan 430.5 KB
09-C100_Dimension Plan 314.0 KB
10-C200_Grading Plan 369.8 KB
11-C210_Site Details 1.1 MB
12-C300_Utility Plan 388.7 KB
13-C310_Utility Details 789.5 KB
14-C320_Utility Details 397.0 KB
15-L100_Site Plan 744.5 KB
16-D100_Demolition Plan 610.7 KB
17-A100_Floor Plan 803.1 KB
18-A101_Roof Plan 270.3 KB
19-A200_West Elevation 226.9 KB
20-A201_East Elevation 270.3 KB
21-A202_North Elevation 209.3 KB
22-A203_South Elevation 215.9 KB
23-A204_West Elevation Alt 3 225.4 KB
24-A205_East Elevation Alt 3 286.8 KB
25-A220_Building Section 707.5 KB
26-A221_Building Section 636.6 KB
27-A310_Enlarged Plan Details 421.4 KB
28-A400_Reflected Ceiling Plan 264.0 KB
29-A500_Wall Sections & Details 317.4 KB
30-A520_Section Details 321.7 KB
31-A521_Section Details 242.1 KB
32-A530_Roof Details 690.6 KB
33_A700_Door Types Details 248.9 KB
34-S001_General Notes 213.7 KB
35-S002_CMU Details 518.8 KB
36-S100_Foundation Plan 477.4 KB
37-S101_Roof Framing Plan 472.9 KB
38-S101a_Roof Framing Plan Alt 3 380.4 KB
39-S200_Foundation Sections 292.8 KB
40-S300_Roof Framing Sections 369.4 KB
41-PMD100_First Floor Mechanical Demo Plan 461.1 KB
42-PM100_First Floor Mechanical Plan 921.0 KB
43-PM101_Roof Mechnical Plan 1.9 MB
44-M300_Mechanical Sections 849.4 KB
45-PME500_Mechanical Schedules & Details 772.1 KB
46-E001_Electrical Symbols Notes & Schedules 733.4 KB
47-ED100_First Floor Electrical Demo Plan 304.2 KB
48-ED101_First Floor Lighting Demo Plan Alt 2 400.1 KB
49-EL100_First Floor Lighting Plan South 539.0 KB
50-EL101_First Floor Lighting Plan Alt 2 438.1 KB
51-EP100_Maintenance Shop Floor Plan 308.8 KB
52-EP101_First Floor Power Plan South 707.0 KB
53-EP102_Electrical Roof Plan Solar Alt 1 2.0 MB
54-ET100_First Floor Techology Plan 322.7 KB