Y2102-01 Masa Breach Reclamation Project-Barton County

The project includes completion of coal mine reclamation activities including; Construct an Earthen Dam; backfill abandoned coal mine pits, grade, lime, seed, fertilize and mulch all work areas and other related work, all in accordance with the enclosed plans and specifications.
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Name Date Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 2/8/2021 30.8 MB
01-G-100_Cover Sheet 2/8/2021 2.0 MB
02-G-101_Existing Conditions 2/8/2021 6.7 MB
03-C-100_Plan View Areas 1&2 2/8/2021 3.4 MB
04-C-101_Cross Sections 2/8/2021 4.2 MB
05-C-102_Cross Sections 2/8/2021 3.6 MB
06-C-103_Cross Sections 2/8/2021 4.0 MB
07-C-104_Cross Sections 2/8/2021 3.7 MB
08-D-100_Details 2/8/2021 3.2 MB