C1910-01 Upgrade HVAC & BAS Community Supervision Center-Missouri Department of Corrections-Kennett

The project includes the replacement of 3 existing condensing units along with associated DX coils. A new chiller shall be installed with associated chilled water system. New chilled water coils shall be installed in existing air handling units. The existing BAS shall be upgraded.
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00-Very Important MissouriBUYS Instructions Revised 09-09-20 10/1/2020 1.3 MB
01-Invitation for Bidders and addendum language 10/1/2020 103.2 KB
02-Full Spec 10/1/2020 6.6 MB
03-Division 00 10/1/2020 2.8 MB
04-Division 01 10/1/2020 1.6 MB
05-Division 23 10/1/2020 1.3 MB
06-Division 26 10/1/2020 829.4 KB