C1913-02 Replace Roofs-Laundry & Print Shop-Moberly Correctional Center

The project includes furnishing all labor, materials, equipment and services to remove and replace the roof systems (including repair and replacement of deteriorated roof deck, new insulation, flashings, trims, fasteners, roof accessories and all other components required to make a complete weathertight installation) of the Laundry/Print Shop Building No. 13 (two separate roof areas) located at the Moberly Correctional Center.
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01-G-000_Cover Page 5/26/2020 295.8 KB
02-G-001_Location Map & Drawing Index 5/26/2020 442.2 KB
03-AD-100_Roof Demo Plan 5/26/2020 1.1 MB
05-A-100_Roof Replacement Plan 5/26/2020 1.0 MB
05-A500_Flat Roof TPO Details 5/26/2020 1.1 MB
06-M-100_MEP Roof Plan 5/26/2020 464.3 KB