R1905-01 REBID Repair Parking Lots & Driveways-Troop C Headquarters

The work consists of removing pavement, milling, reconstruction, resurfacing, inlet adjusting, rehabilitation of sidewalk sections and curbs, curb modifications for lawn mower access, replacement of the sensing cable at security access, and all items incidental to the completion of work according to the plans and specifications.
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Name Date Size
01-G-001_Cover Sheet 5/11/2020 888.2 KB
02-C-101_Existing Site Conditions & Removal 5/11/2020 1.5 MB
03-C-102_Pavement Marking Plan 5/11/2020 1.1 MB
04-C-501_Typical Sections & Details 5/11/2020 1.0 MB