T2026-01 Construct Battery Room Trenton Field Maintenance Shop

The project includes the demolition of the existing shed and pavement. New construction of a new battery room will include excavation, foundation, light gauge framing, insulation, metal siding, metal roofing, electrical, interior finishes, and installation of pavement adjacent to the battery room.
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Name Date Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 4/22/2020 3.6 MB
01-G-001_Cover Sheet 4/22/2020 478.9 KB
02-A-101_Key Plan and Floor Plan 4/22/2020 742.7 KB
03-A-201_Elevations 4/22/2020 619.7 KB
04-A-301_Sections and Details 4/22/2020 1.0 MB
05-E-001_Symbols and Notes Plan 4/22/2020 327.2 KB
06-E-101_Electrical Plan 4/22/2020 676.3 KB