O22A2-01 3rd Floor Renovation Employment Security Central Office (DOLIR)

The Project consists of the renovation of the office spaces on the 3rd floor of the Employment Security Central Office Building, including: selective demolition, interior partition construction, carpet and resilient flooring, interior door and frame installation, finish carpentry, interior painting, acoustical ceiling system modification, plumbing, electrical and rough-in work for communication/data wiring. There are three alternates listed below: Alternate 1: Provide Formica 3466-RD Antique Mascarello Radiance® finish plastic laminate (or approved equal) for plastic laminated countertops in lieu of Formica 3466-11 Antique Mascarello SatinTouch™ finish plastic laminate. Alternate 2: Install pre-finished storefront glazing system (fixed windows) in interior partition between two conference rooms and large multi-purpose room (as shown on plans) in lieu of complete interior partition. Alternate 3: Install electrical duplex outlet and rough-in work for communication/data wiring at alternative location in two adjacent conference rooms. Alternate 4: Install hollow metal frame and double hollow metal doors – and associated hardware – at Multi-Purpose room in lieu of cased opening.
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