M2001-01 Install Fire Alarm System-Northwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

The work consists of providing a complete system replacement of devices & panels, by swapping out existing devices & panels for new at all current locations (when applicable) & providing new devices at new locations to provide a code compliant system in the Main Facility & the six cottages. Existing wiring & conduit is intended for reuse, & is assumed in good condition by this design. New wiring will be required for relocated devices & additional devices.
  Specifications (click to expand/collapse)
Name Date Size
01-Full Spec 8/12/2021 3.9 MB
02-Division 00 8/12/2021 2.5 MB
03-Division 01 8/12/2021 1.3 MB
04-Division 02 8/12/2021 82.9 KB
05-Division 28 8/12/2021 126.6 KB